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HandGenizer™ (Laboratory Hand Drive)

Description: Portable hand driven homogenizer for Concept Testing up to 30,000psi.
Catalog Number: Cat.HG-1mL-20K/25K/30K
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  • Catalog No.:
    HG-2mL-10Kpsi HG-1mL-15Kpsi HG-1mL-20Kpsi HG-1mL-25Kpsi HG-1mL-30Kpsi
  • Chamber:
    Diamond Interaction Chamber Diamond Interaction Chamber-RT
  • Warranty:
    Standard 1 year
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Portable hand driven homogenizer for Concept Testing up to 30,000psi.
Low-cost high pressure homogenizer
Portable design deliver the light weight and small dimensions
Convenient Hand driven without compressed gas
A better choice for small scale formulation screening
An alternative to the high pressure homogenizers driven by compressed air
Nanodispersions, nanoemulsions and nanotube
Cell Disruption
Micro/nanoencapsulation in polymers, liposomes and oils
Solid dispersion and suspension, Deagglomeration
1) Can be used as high pressure pump in sanitary applications such as liposome extruder.
2) Change high pressure gauge with plug for reducing the dead volume.
3) Ultra-high pressure up to 30,000 psi. Adjustable 3 Stage: 1st Stage: 10,000psi; 2nd Stage: 20,000psi; 3rd Stage: 30,000psi
Catalog No. HG-2mL-10K HG-1mL-15K HG-1mL-20K  HG-1mL-25K HG-1mL-30K
Flow rate 50mL/min 25mL/min 25mL/min 25mL/min 25mL/min
Min. Sample 2mL 1mL 1mL 1mL 1mL
Max. Pressure 10,000psi 15,000psi  20,000psi  25,000psi 30,000psi 
Dimensions(cm) 25 × 40 × 20 25 × 40 × 20 25 × 40 × 20 25 × 40 × 20 25 × 40 × 20
Weight 15 kg (32 lbs) 15 kg (32 lbs) 15 kg (32 lbs) 15 kg (32 lbs) 15 kg (32 lbs)
Multi-Stages (Adjustable) 3 stages 10,000psi
2 stages 4,000psi
1 stages 2,000psi
3 stages 15,000psi
2 stages 8,000psi
1 stages 4,000psi
3 stages 20,000psi
2 stages 12,000psi
1 stages 6,000psi
3 stages 25,000psi
2 stages 16,000psi
1 stages 8,000psi
3 stages 30,000psi
2 stages 20,000psi
1 stages 10,000psi
Max. Temp. 80ºC (176ºF)
Power Hand drive
Cleaning Flush to clean; Whole unit autoclavable
Application Nano emulsion, Fat emulsion, Liposome, Cell Disruption, Nano dispersion, Deagglomeration
Compatibility Connection compatible with Y and Z type Interaction Chamber and Liposome Extruders
Standard Features
Parts Y-type Diamond interaction chamber with cooling option
Control System High pressure programming control systems®: Touch Screen, Speed control, Auto stop control by volume, time, pressure or temperature, settable volume control as low as 1mL, display of flow rate and time, overload protection
Pressure Gauge Sanitary 35,000 psi High Pressure Gauge
Inlet Type 1/4" HP coupling
Outlet Type 1/4" HP coupling
Feed Reservoir 10mL Syringe
Outlet Reservoir 10mL Syringe
Product material 316L stainless steel, Tungsten Carbide, Viton, Teflon
Material standard Pharmaceutical Grade, FDA, GMP
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Parts Z-type Interaction Chamber (Microfluidizer)
Liposome Extruder
Product Cooling Immersed coil in ice bath tray
Inlet Reservoir 5 mL, 25 mL,100 mL syringe type
Outlet Reservoir 5 mL, 25 mL,100 mL syringe type
Cylinder Titanium High pressure Cylinder (Resistant to strong acid and base)