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Nanoemulsions Preparation System

Genizer provides solutions for nanoemulsions, suitable for batch preparation from 25mL to 10L, or continuous manufacturing from 10mL/min to 20L/hour. The full set of NanoEmulsion Systems including: ①NanoEmulx②NanoGenizer③Sterile Filter④Nano Particle Siz
Catalog Number: Solution for Nanoemulsions
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  • Homogenizer:
    Nanogenizer NanoGenizer-Dual PilotGenizer PilotGenizer-Dual
  • Inline Sterile Filter:
    2L Sterile Filter 10L Sterile Filter 50L Sterile Filter 200L Sterile Filter
  • Nano Particle Sizer:
    None Nano Particle Sizer Dual Laser
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Genizer provides solutions for nanoemulsions, suitable for batch preparation from 25mL to 10L, or continuous manufacturing from 10mL/min to 20L/hour.
While sonication is effective for small-batch nanoemulsions, it is not especially suitable for processing large quantities of certain types of tissues.
The NanoGenizer, a high-pressure homogenizer, is able to produce nanoemulsions though the combined forces of microfluidization and shear. NanoGenizer maximizes particle reduction, speeds up processing, and lowers the time and overall cost of production.
Not only can high-pressure homogenizers be used for large-batch production of nanoemulsions, they can be set up as part of an inline process, allowing mixing, homogenization, and sterilization of large volumes of nanoemulsions without interruption.
Nanoemulsions provide advantages for extract oil and active ingredients with low bioavailability by:
① Increasing bioavailability and reducing response time, dose and adverse effects.
②Masking the taste of the extract oil.
③ Producing translucent droplet sizes of less than 100nm.
Genizer offers the NanoGenizer high-pressure homogenizer for preparation and online sterile filtering for the sterilization of nanoemulsions without interruption.  In addition, Genizer also provides the light scattering particle sizer for measuring the size of nanoemulsions.
High Pressure Homogenizers
Equipment Name Capacity Function
NanoGenizer 20mL-5L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
NanoGenizer-Dual 50mL-10L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
PilotGenizer 200mL-30L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
PilotGenizer-Dual 200mL-50L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
Inline Sterile Filter and Nano Particle Sizer
Nano Particle Sizer
Equipment Name Capacity Function
47mm Sterile inline filter 20mL-2L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
90mm Sterile inline filter 50mL-10L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
142mm Sterile inline filter 200mL-50L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
Nanoparticle sizer Dual 1nm-10,000nm Analyzing the size of nanoemulsions
Recommendation for Nanoemulsions
Recomdation for Nanoemulsions
Batch Recommendation
20mL-5L NanoGenizer; 47mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-5L NanoGenizer; 90mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-10L NanoGenizer Dual; 90mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-30L PilotGenizer; 142mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-50L PilotGenizer Dual; 142mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
>50L Please request quote

Disassemble the seal
Disassemble the seal

Assemble the seal
Assemble the seal
Our design has minimized the occurrence of air-blocking, chamber-blocking and overload.
However, the improper operation of the homogenizer can still induce errors and cause damage to the homogenizer.

Air Blocking
Symptom: there is no pressure and no sucking from inlet
Prevention: do not run with empty inlet
Reason: there is air inside the pump
1) In the customer setup, press the "Degas" button 
2) Running 50mL water with 50% speed
3) Push the ball into the inlet valve with a pin

Chamber Blocking
Symptom: overload of the pressure
Prevention: pre-treat the sample carefully; reduce the speed
Reason: there are aggregates or particles in the sample; too high a speed
1) Reverse flow the outlet valve with 100mL water with low speed
2) Reverse flow the chamber with water from low to high speed

1) Reduce the speed and close the power, wait 30 sec and restart 
2) Wash with water or solvent
3) Run with clean and homo-disperse sample

No Response
Symptom: the equipment does not respond when clicking the “Start” button on the touch screen
1) Turn off the power supply and wait for 30 seconds to restart
2) If there is still no response, please check the power input. The power supply of the equipment is 220V. When the external power supply is 110V, a power converter shall be used. And its INPUT port should connect to 110V while the OUTPUT port connect to 220V

Air blocking rarely causes damage to the NanoGenizer; however, the chamber blocking is harmful to the pump because of overloaded pressure in an instant.
1) Pretreat the sample carefully, and always use a clean and homo-disperse sample
2) Adjust the pressure from low to high
3) For safety, do not point the inlet or outlet of high pressure devices and equipment supplied by Genizer, including high pressure homogenizers, extruders, interaction chambers and valves, at any personnel or object that may affect safety or cause property loss.


To enhance user applications, we provide a range of choices for inlet and outlet reservoirs for the NanoGenizer.

Cells Mammalian cell
Mammalian cell
Insect cellInsect cell Bacteria cellBacteria cell Yeast cellYeast cell Algae cellGreen algaea Spore
Sample CHO|Hela Sf9|Sf21|H5 E. Coli   Yeast Green algae Ganoderma
Pressure 600-800bar   8500-11500psi 600-1000bar 8500-14500psi 800-1000bar 11500-14500psi 1200-1400bar 17500-20000psi 1200-1500bar 7500-21500psi 1300-1600bar 18500-23000psi
Chamber F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y

Emulsions Oil in water emulsions
Fat emulsion
Water in oil emulsionsCosmetics Oil emulsionOil emulsion FoodFood Milk Liposome (o/w)Liposome (o/w) Liposome (w/o)
Sample Fat emulsion Cosmetics Fuel Milk DOX DNA|lipopolyplex
Pressure ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~8,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y

Dispersions Pigments
CreamsCreams BatteryBattery Particle aggregationNano fibril GrapheneGraphene Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes
Sample Inks, Coatings Creams Lithium/Solar cell Nano fibril Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
Pressure ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y
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